All Aboard, Louisiana!

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“Hop on the Crossroads Cruiser in All Aboard, Louisiana! and enjoy another spectacular adventure from Rosalind and Maggie Bunn. What fun to learn about Louisiana’s regional treasures through clever verses and bold, animated illustrations! This state-touring series is sure to become a children’s classic!” —Annell Gerson, owner, Bookmiser bookstore “The Bunns have done it again! The All Aboard Series does a fantastic job of showing readers young and old the secret places they need to visit in their favorite states. Beautifully illustrated and in snappy verse, this latest edition will have young readers everywhere asking to hop aboard the nearest train.” —Chris Negron, award-winning author of The Last Super Chef and Dan Unmasked “As a Louisiana educator, I can’t wait to share this wonderful book with my third graders. All young readers will want to ‘board the Crossroads Cruiser to see our great state’!” —Tracy Gaspard, teacher, Baton Rouge “Hop onboard as Rosalind and Maggie Bunn whisk readers away on a fun and exciting cultural journey through Louisiana!” —Susan Sands, author “All Aboard, Louisiana! does a fabulous job of showcasing many aspects of our state through beautiful illustrations, including our amazing foods, different regions, and historical attractions.” —Sara Wisdom, librarian/media specialist, Baton Rouge All aboard! Young adventurers won’t want to miss out on this pictorial train ride across the state of Louisiana, with richly detailed illustrations introducing children to the state’s beautiful and historic treasures. At each stop across the five regions of Louisiana, riders will sample delicious dishes, share in the area’s unique culture, and meet the state’s wild residents.