Brass Monkey Memo Pad

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VINTAGE INSPIRED MEMO PAD – Inspired by the by-gone era of office supplies, Memo Pad by Brass Monkey is perfect for leaving messages for your roommate who seriously just needs to get a freaking secretary already.
  • UNIQUELY MONOCHROMATIC – This uniquely monochromatic phone message note pad is made with dyed paper (color all the way through… fancy). It will add a touch of functional sophistication to your space without even trying. Measures 3.5” x 5.5”
  • DETAILS – Memo Pad features 75 pages (of the same design) and a glued top edge for easily tearing off pages. It’s bound to a rigid chipboard backer, so it’s, like, rigid. It’s a pad of paper, what more do you want to know?
  • READY TO GIFT – With the line “From the desk of a grown-ass adult,” written at the top, this message pad makes an inspired gift idea for a new job celebration, back to school, or just because.