Dino World: A 3-D Prehistoric Dinosaur Pop-Up Book

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See prehistoric predators of all sizes come to life with Dino World, the trifold pop-up book all about dinosaurs!

Experience dinosaurs like you've never seen them before with innovative paper crafting that breathes new life into prehistoric scenes. You will be immersed in the extraordinary artwork of paleoartist Julius Csotonyi as the images leap off the page in a pop-up dinosaur book for a stunning experience like no other. Dino World features cool facts about each dinosaur, including the massive T. rex and crafty raptors, as well as eye-catching lifelike scenes, learning about prehistory has never been this fun.

Dino World is:

  • A fun pop-up book for dinosaur lovers of all ages
  • A great gift for birthday, Christmas, or any dino-tastic celebration
  • The perfect way to share the prehistoric world with little ones