Hail Mary Prayer Tag Ornament

Introducing our exclusive Hail Mary Prayer Tag Ornament, a heartfelt piece that brings the beauty of the Hail Mary prayer to life in a simple yet elegant wood design. Crafted with care and featuring the exquisite Hail Mary prayer written in our custom handwriting font, this ornament is a cherished addition to your decor or a meaningful gift for loved ones.

Key Features:

1. Hail Mary Prayer Elegance: The timeless Hail Mary prayer is delicately etched onto the wooden tag ornament, allowing you to engage in a moment of prayer and reflection each time you see it.

2. Custom Handwriting Font: The graceful handwriting font adds a personal touch to the ornament, infusing it with authenticity and a sense of sacredness.

3. Exclusive Etched Archives Design: Our Hail Mary Prayer Tag Ornament boasts a design exclusive to Etched Archives, ensuring its uniqueness and the exceptional quality you expect.

4. Simple and Elegant: The wood tag ornament's simplicity radiates elegance, making it a versatile piece that complements any decor style.

5. Thoughtful Gift: Share the beauty of the Hail Mary prayer with family and friends by gifting them this ornament, a reminder of faith and devotion during the holiday season and beyond.

6. Easy Hanging: A delicate ribbon is attached to the ornament, allowing you to hang it on your Christmas tree, mantle, or anywhere you choose.

7. Crafted with Care: Every ornament is meticulously crafted to ensure the prayer's words are etched with precision, preserving the sacredness of the Hail Mary.

Embrace the spirit of devotion with our Hail Mary Prayer Tag Ornament, an exclusive design that captures the essence of faith and reflection. Click "Add to Cart" now to adorn your space with this elegant wood ornament or gift it to someone special, sharing the beauty of the Hail Mary prayer and the warmth of prayer.

5 x 2.5"