Little Churches Plaque {large}

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Introducing our exquisite "Little Churches Plaques," a heartfelt and charming wooden piece designed to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, or celebrate the cherished church parishes in the Lafayette/Acadiana area. Crafted with love and attention to detail, these wooden plaques beautifully capture the essence and significance of the beloved local churches.

Key Features:

1. Local Lafayette/Acadiana Churches: Our "Little Churches Plaques" feature intricate designs of churches from the Lafayette/Acadiana area, paying homage to the beauty and spirit of our community's beloved landmarks.

2. Premium Wood Craftsmanship: Each plaque is handcrafted with precision from high-quality wood, ensuring lasting beauty and a touch of rustic elegance that complements any decor.

3. Personalized Keepsake: Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or a special celebration, these plaques make a thoughtful and personalized gift, reminding recipients of the cherished memories within their church parish.

4. Hanging on a String: Each plaque comes with a durable string for easy hanging, allowing you to display it on walls, mantles, or even doorknobs, creating a delightful focal point in your home.

5. Thoughtful Home Decor: Beyond special occasions, our "Little Churches Plaques" add a touch of local charm and warmth to your home decor, becoming a meaningful accent piece that sparks conversations and fond memories.

6. Souvenir for Lafayette/Acadiana Visitors: For visitors to our area or locals with a deep connection to these churches, these plaques serve as cherished souvenirs, encapsulating the beauty and heritage of Lafayette/Acadiana.

Celebrate the heart and soul of our community with our "Little Churches Plaques." Click "Add to Cart" now and let these endearing pieces become a cherished part of your home or a heartfelt gift that expresses your love and appreciation for the treasured church parishes in our Lafayette/Acadiana area. Display the spirit of our community and the beauty of our churches with pride and joy!

Size: 5" x 7"

(*These designs are exclusive to The Silver Suitcase and cannot be reproduced or used for personal use. This artwork is copyright protected*)

*Currently, for any custom orders, we have extended our turnover period to 2 weeks upon order*