Louisiana Rattan Wall Plaque

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Introducing our charming Louisiana Rattan Sign, a delightful addition to your home decor that celebrates the beauty and spirit of the Pelican State. This handcrafted sign features a raised Louisiana state shape on a round rattan pattern background, creating a unique and eye-catching design that captures the essence of Louisiana's rich culture.

Key Features:

1. Handcrafted Elegance: Our Louisiana Rattan Sign is lovingly handcrafted with attention to detail, ensuring a beautiful and sophisticated piece that stands out in any space.

2. Raised Louisiana State Shape: The centerpiece of this sign is a raised Louisiana state shape, highlighting the distinct outline of our beloved state.

3. Rattan Pattern Background: The round rattan pattern background adds a touch of natural warmth and texture to the sign, enhancing its visual appeal and rustic charm.

4. Versatile Display: Hang this sign on a wall to create a focal point in your living room, entryway, or kitchen. Alternatively, display it on a shelf or tabletop as a unique decorative accent.

5. Thoughtful Souvenir: Whether you're a local with a deep love for Louisiana or a visitor enchanted by our state's allure, this sign makes a meaningful and thoughtful souvenir to commemorate your time in Louisiana.

6. Perfect Gift: Share the love for Louisiana with family and friends by gifting them this Louisiana Rattan Sign. It's a thoughtful and heartwarming present that encapsulates the spirit of our unique state.

Celebrate your Louisiana pride with our Louisiana Rattan Sign. Click "Add to Cart" now and embrace the beauty and culture of the Pelican State in an elegant and rustic sign. Decorate your home with this distinctive piece and let it serve as a symbol of the love and joy you hold for Louisiana, a place that holds a special place in your heart.

10.5" diameter