Mary, Our Mother Ornament {acrylic}

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Elevate your holiday decor and spiritual ambiance with our meticulously crafted handmade acrylic ornament. This exquisite piece showcases the timeless silhouette of Mary, exuding a sense of tranquility and devotion that transcends seasons. The artful inclusion of the word "Amen" in elegant script seamlessly intertwines with Mary's silhouette, creating a harmonious blend of faith and artistry.

Each ornament is thoughtfully handcrafted, resulting in a unique treasure that reflects the care and devotion poured into its creation. The acrylic material lends a delicate yet durable quality, allowing the ornament to catch and refract light, imparting a gentle radiance to any space it graces.

Hang this ornament on your Christmas tree to infuse your holiday celebrations with spiritual significance, or display it year-round in a cherished spot to foster an atmosphere of reverence and reflection. A thoughtful gift for loved ones or a meaningful addition to your personal collection, this acrylic ornament with Mary's silhouette and the resonating "Amen" serves as a constant reminder of faith, devotion, and the enduring beauty of art and spirituality combined.

Size: 4.5"