Okay Moms Candle

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Sippy Cup Wine Scented.

You’re the world’s okayest mom! I’d get you a mug, but you know I swore off giving gifts years ago after Sue Ellen from high school forgot to publicly wish me a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook and destroyed my love of holidays forever. But let’s face it, perfect moms are the absolute worst, with their spotless car seats, neatly organized organic snacks, and “adequately-stocked” first aid kits. Okay Moms are the best kind of moms. Sippy cup wine, the five-second rule, and loads of naps are where it’s at..


Always handpoured and made with 100% soy wax and 0% bullshit. 

4" glass diameter x 2 1/2" H. Burn time: 60 hours.