Posy: Best Friends Bracelet

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This is a bestie badge of honor. Reserved only for friends who say “I’ll be there in five minutes” but somehow take an hour, who can’t make eye contact in serious situations or laughter will occur, who’ve mastered midnight drives with deep talks and the windows down. Even though you can communicate anything with a quick look — this is more permanent. We love this for y’all :’)

What is Posy? In medieval times, posy rings carried sweet messages inscribed on the inside between lovers, friends, and family. We took that concept, kept the spirit, and replaced the old-timey sayings with bold statements to say what you gotta say.

Materials and Finish - We start with high-quality recycled brass. But this isn’t any old brass. It’s engineered to be formable, meaning it’ll contour perfectly around your wrist. Like a hug, but way cooler.

Next up, we start with 99.999% silver or 24K gold, take it through our proprietary process that creates a vintage look while strengthening it. This eco-friendly, proprietary process also makes it tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic. And, as always, it’s Nickel-free. Only the finest for your skin, darling. We got you.