Say Grace Cutting Board

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Introducing our beautiful cherry wood cutting board, "Say Grace," a heartfelt reminder to pause and give thanks before every meal. This thoughtfully designed cutting board not only serves as a functional kitchen essential but also as a meaningful piece of decor that will enrich your dining experience.

Key Features:

1. Premium Cherry Wood: Crafted from high-quality cherry wood, "Say Grace" boasts a smooth and elegant surface, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood grain.

2. Graceful Prayer Etching: "Say Grace" features the timeless prayer before a meal, "Bless us, O Lord," etched in a delicate and captivating font. The prayer serves as a beautiful reminder to be grateful for the nourishment before you.

3. Versatile Use: Whether you're chopping vegetables, slicing fruits, or preparing a family feast, this cutting board is designed to handle all your culinary needs.

4. Inspiring Decor: When not in use, "Say Grace" can be displayed as a heartfelt piece of decor in your kitchen or dining area, adding warmth and spiritual inspiration to your space.

5. Thoughtful Gift: "Say Grace" makes a touching and thoughtful gift for friends, family, or anyone who appreciates the significance of giving thanks and cherishes mealtimes.

6. Easy Maintenance: To keep "Say Grace" looking pristine, simply hand wash it with mild soap and water, and occasionally apply food-grade mineral oil to maintain its natural luster.

Embrace the spirit of gratitude and elevate your dining experience with our "Say Grace" cherry wood cutting board. Click "Add to Cart" now, and let this beautifully etched board become a cherished part of your kitchen, encouraging a heartwarming tradition of saying grace before every meal. Delight in the joy of sharing food, love, and blessings with your loved ones as you gather around this meaningful piece.

*Design for Tate is different. When checking out specify "Tate design" or "Corner design"*