St. Genevieve Keychain

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St. Genevieve

2-inch acrylic keychain

Feast Day: January 3

Patroness of young girls, godmothers, Paris

At only 7 years old, St. Genevieve met with St. Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre, not only blessed her but foretold her sainthood. She then requested to immediately be brought to the church to be consecrated as a virgin. St. Genevieve was well connected with the Holy Spirit which manifested in miracles and spirit inspired prophecies. She was eventually charged with looking after other consecrated virgins.

After St. Genevieve’s death in 1129, a fever swept through the city of Paris. Doctors had trouble keeping others from dying. Her relics were carried throughout the town and all those who encountered it were healed, and no one else in the town became sick.