Surrender Prayer Bracelet

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Jesus revealed a prayer to Father Don Dolindo, spiritual director of Padre Pio, to help us all release the grip of worry and anxiety and fall into the Peace of Christ. It is called the Surrender Novena. When life events feel out of control, and we crave the Peace of God, hold onto your bracelet and pray, “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!” Then, repeat on every knot of this bracelet and allow the peace of Christ to wash over you.


  • Adjustable bracelet cording which opens to 10.5" and closes to 6.5"
  • One gold-tone cross and a signature "faith" tag
  • Medals hand-cast in a sacred site in Italy
  • Handwoven in Mexicali
  • On an inspirational card with Day 1 of the Novena and the QR Code for the complete Surrender Novena Download