Symbol Wrap: Vesica Piscis

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This is the equivalent of wearing a cheat code. Where the metaphysical and physical bump into each other and decide to join forces. Think of it as a celestial matchmaker, linking your earthly self to something higher. 

A Beautiful symbol used in ancient archtecture/art to symbolize the union of physical and spiritual. Used to symbolize the God made flesh, Jesus Christ

We start with high-quality recycled brass. It’s engineered to be formable, meaning it'll contour perfectly around your wrist. 

Finish: Next up, we start with 99.999% silver or 24K gold, take it through our proprietary process that creates a vintage look while strengthening it. This eco-friendly, proprietary process also makes it tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic. And, as always, it’s Nickel-free. Only the finest for your skin, darling. We got you.