The Silver Suitcase

Coolest baby teether ever. What makes Toofeze so Cool... Toofeze chills instantly in cold water to ease pain fast. Stainless steel disk satisfies babies' craving for cold, smooth objects. Shiny surface creates a diversion that helps babies discover and admire their own reflection. Award winning parenting tool, Toofeze enables babies to self satisfy, and self manage their changing teething needs. Used and endorsed by pediatricians. Recommended for ages 3 months the cool steel disk reduces gum inflammation fast. Handle is never too cold to hold; Dishwasher safe-Sanitize often and completely Food Grade Stainless Steel and Silicone Helps develop hand, eye, mouth coordination Safe for all teething phases, from first signs of teething to 2 year molars. Toofeze is hands down the most effective teething tool on the market today. It is functional and convenient, allowing baby to easily manage their pain independently-giving parents the relief they need too.